Friday, September 28, 2007

Vacation, all I ever wanted!

What could be truer than the truths sung by the immortal GoGos?

I am done, done, DONE for THREE WHOLE WEEKS!!! At the risk of sounding Texan, YEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAA!

I'm sitting here, on a Monday, in my pj's, with not a study book in sight. It's amazing.

The weird thing is that after a weekend full of playing catch-up for chores and errands, I'm not sure what to do with myself. I still have lots I need to do--for example, I can't see my desk due to the enormous pile of papers and mail and books covering it. Also, there are no fewer than two closets in our house which, if they are opened, would bury the poor hapless individual under a pile of random junk. Also, I need to get my hair cut (you know you're in bad shape when your hair looks bad even in a ponytail). But where's the studying? Where's the stress, and the fear? The frustration?

Hmmm. Strangely absent.

Anyway, due to our not so regularly scheduled vacation, I don't have a lot to ramble or rant about today. However we have something brewing on the back burner which may result in some awesomeness shortly. I'll keep you posted. And in the meantime, Dr. VonB abides.

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