Monday, October 1, 2007

Sprechen Sie AWESOME?

So the hubby and I decided that we've earned it, and goshdarnit, we're going to Europe.

We have been talking about it for a while, but were too busy to really plan it. So when we started looking at tickets and there were some good deals to Germany, we decided, what the hell. Let's do it.

I am SO EXCITED, and am in the throes of planning right now. My husband is currently studying for Step 2 of the boards, which he takes soon, and then we're outta here. The great news for him is that after this exam the pressure is basically off for a good long while; he has interviews, which should be fun, and lots of months without any required stuff to do. So, for the first time in literally years, I get to spend some time with my husband where neither of us have anything--no publications or dissertations to work on, no applications to finish or big exams to study for--that we have to do. We can read fun books, travel, and talk. It's pretty stunning.

In other news, I am two months away from being half way through 3rd year. Unreal. The main survival technique I've learned for not just getting through, but doing well in 3rd year is: Study every day, for at least 1 hour. More is good, but less gets dicey. It is definitely hard to do after a loooooooong day in the hospital or clinic, but it is what has to happen. It is also rewarding to start occasionally knowing things when attendings pimp you.

Okay, I have to get back to tracking down a room in Munich, and trying to relearn cardiology before I start my next rotation. Such is the life of a medical student...

I can't complain.

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