Sunday, September 7, 2014

Message in a Bottle

Well, HELLO there blogosphere! Or is it blogesphere? Whatever, it's a sphere of bloggers.

Word reached my ears fairly recently that there are readers--actual, human readers with functional brains--who read my blog. Even more surprisingly, it sounds like some of these functional brained, human readers actually liked it!

It's been a long absence, it is true. Things in my sphere (VonB-ospehere, I guess) are great, and I am happy to announce that I, and those I love, all survived the past--okay, hang on, let me fire up my calculator watch--HOLY COW IT'S BEEN FIVE YEARS.

Well I feel each and every one of those five years, from my soggy brain to my possibly soggier ass. But I am an honest-to-God, board-certified, fully employed MD/PhD. I know, right?!?

Anyway I have no idea if anyone, anywhere still looks at this thing, and if so, if any of them would be interested in hearing more inane musings about the training process and what lies beyond from the mind that brought you such Nobel prize-winning material as "ChumpWork". But, I thought I'd throw a baited hook in the waters, and see what bites.

I'll keep a closer eye on things for a while. I might even think of some things to write about (off the top of my head: "Residency is an often soul-sucking roller coaster ride through the outskirts of hell").

If there is anyone who is still paying attention, and/or who still cares, I'll have an eye out--if you have questions, ask away!

And I hope that you have all had a mostly-good, sometimes-amazing, rarely-horrible last five years. I've missed this!