Sunday, August 12, 2007

Super happy shiny fun time!

In flipping back through my previous posts, a subtle, yet persistent, theme emerged: bitching.

Yes, if I had to rename this blog, it would have to be called: "The Incessant and Unrelenting Bitchfest: A Tale of Two Degrees."

I'm sorry about that, for two main reasons. First--and you are never going to believe me about this one--I am basically a positive person. (I know! After reading my previous posts, it surprised me too!!) I'm not depressive, am only mildly moody (I like to think I experience the least possible amount of moodiness possible for a girl). I tend to be an optimistic, glass-half-full kind of person. And second, overall, I didn't hate graduate school, and third year medical school is basically awesome. Painful and terrifying and sad and really, really hard, but awesome.

So why so much bitching?

Honestly, I'm not 100% sure. I think a lot of it is that there are a whole lot of things about this career path that are extremely stressful, frustrating, challenging, etc. etc., and at some point my husband, family and friends get really sick of hearing about it, and tell me to knock it off, already! and I still have some venting to do, and, hey!, blog. Another part of it is that--and this is especially true of the grad school stuff--once you crawl out of a pit of despair, you want to put orange cones and CAUTION! tape and stuff around it, so other people don't fall into it, too. (Unless you are a certain person I am having to interact with a lot lately, in which case if you happen to fall into a pit with tigers and spikes and poisonous snakes I would laugh and laugh, and maybe throw rocks).

In any case I have resolved to try and always include something positive in every single one of my posts. Even if all I can manage is "Today I continue to successfully turn oxygen into carbon dioxide", my God, it'll be in there.

Currently, I am working on a list of "Everything you ever wanted to know about the surgical rotation, asked about, and were yelled at by a nurse." Expect it after I shake off my 30 hour shift. Until then, remember: fluffy bunnies are happy and cute!! Yay!

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heidi said...

Actually, you can change your tagline to that. Which I would. I change mine every now and then and right now it's "Is that your real hair?"

Why shouldn't you bitch online? You have to be shiny happy all day so fuck 'em. Bitch away, Bitchy Bitcherstein!!!!! *smooches!*