Saturday, June 21, 2008

Longest rotation ever.

I have one more week--actually, less than a week--of 3rd year. And it couldn't come too soon.

I am SO TIRED. The hours on this rotation have been nuttypants. Let's put aside that I am taking q2 call.

No, let's NOT put that aside. q2 call is cruel and unusual punishment for a 3rd year student just trying to pass the medicine shelf test.

In any case, I am working ALL the hours, and trying to study on top of it.

But that's okay... I'm counting down... one... more... week...


Old MD Girl said...

Q2? Yuck.

Well, it will be over soon, at least. How has it been otherwise?

DK said...

q2 is cruel and unusual punishment, period. Yech.