Saturday, January 12, 2008

Operation: Vajayjay

Just a few quick things:

1. My head is spinning. I am reading at a pace which is exceeding my ability to retain information. Sadly I do not have the option of slowing down if I wish to get through the reading before the shelf test.

2. I do not like the OR. I especially do not like the OR when I don't scrub in but instead stand on two stacked stools for hours and hours so I can catch an occasional glimpse of sheets/piles of random tissue and 34,234 clamps over the shoulders of three doctors crammed in between some poor woman's legs. Plus it's freezing.

3. If I never see another hoohoo, it will be much too soon, and I haven't even done labor & delivery yet. That goes for cervixes (cervi?) too.

4. As it turns out I got really lucky in that not only was Doc Mamma right and they can't make me work Thurs night before the shelf, but we also have a required holiday (I'm not kidding, it's required--we aren't techically allowed to be in the hospital) that Monday, so I will only have to do three nights instead of five. This almost makes up for me having my night shift week last.

Okay, as per usual, time to get back to reading. The great thing about this rotation is that you never know what fantastic thing you get to learn about next. Incontinence? Prolapse? Disgusting STDs? All of the horrible things that can happen to you before, during, and after childbirth? I'm so happy to be a woman! With complex parts that apparently fail all the time! Haha!!! By the way, I just learned that leakage which occurs while laughing is a sign of stress incontinence. Not that I have that problem.


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Old MD Girl said...

I have a friend on OB/Gyn now (for me it's next month -- yipee!). Her biggest FYI: do not have 5 vaginal deliveries and expect to control when you pee. It just ain't gonna happen.