Wednesday, January 2, 2008

OB/Gyn, Thy Name is Terror


Okay, I feel much better now. Today I started my OB/Gyn rotation, and although everyone I've met has been very to excessively nice, I am petrified. You see, our rotation is already only four weeks long, but we started two days late due to the holiday so it is even shorter. And my God, have you looked at OB/Gyn Blueprints lately? It's a kagillion pages long!!!

(PS: You might wonder why I didn't go ahead and start studying over break. This is an excellent question, and I would love to answer it, but calls to the decision-making regions of my brain were not immediately returned.)

There's more: the way the rotation is set up here, we don't have call for three of the weeks, but one of the weeks is all OB night shift (5pm-7am). And my nights week, as luck would have it, is the week of the shelf test. What this means is that I have two and a half weeks to learn enough OB/Gyn to pass the shelf test. Then I have to find a way to keep it in my brain as it (my brain) is scrambled due to a completely jacked up sleep pattern in the days leading up to the exam. Mix this in with the long hours of this rotation, and you have one trembling, sweating Dr. VonB.

Anyway, I have to get back to reading, for super duper serious. I will write more if I can stop my screaming, which, honestly, is really making it hard to read.


Ben said...

" of the weeks is all OB night shift (5pm-7am)."

I picture your administrators having a meeting during which they consciously decide to do the least logical thing possible, just to see what happens. And if anyone survives.

docmama said...

this whole january rotation is ALL jacked up to begin with - and boy, you have gotten the short end of an already very short stick! Maybe the only good side is that you only have to do three or four days of night shift since they couldn't possibly make you work Thursday night before the shelf.