Wednesday, November 26, 2008



PICU is like all the hard rotations I've had so far, but put together all at once, at 10x the speed, in a foreign language. And with more sad stories.

Remember waaaaaaaaaaay back when I posted this about not understanding medical abbreviations and jargon? Well, I look back on that post and laugh, it's so second-nature to me now. But PICU is like starting right back there. Most of the time I just either stare vapidly or, when that gets old, I nod. But I have no idea what people are talking about at least 30%, and probably more like 50% of the time.

I picked up a highly recommended book about the rotation which I will be reading in between bites of turkey. At least I get Thanksgiving off, which is good, because I need to sleep for at least 24 hours straight. I will let you know if said reading helps me understand what the #$(*& is going on in that place.

Until then, happy Thanksgiving!

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Old MD Girl said...

That makes me feel better. Especially since I feel the exact same way about the SICU.