Sunday, September 14, 2008

Life throws Dr. VonB a big ol' curve ball to the face

You know, I casually throw around words like "survive" around a lot on this blog. It seems kind of silly now.

Unfortunately I can't tell you a lot about this curve ball except that it is basically one of my worst nightmares come true, and I probably won't be writing much for a while.

In the future I may, however, be in a position to talk more about real survival, and being on the other side of medical care.

Until then... keep believing in wondrous advancements in medicine. For those of you in med school/grad school/mudphud adventures, keep believing in what you do. It matters, and it changes people's lives.

Thanks for reading, everyone, and please send Mrs. Dr. and Mr. Dr. VonB all the positive vibes you can spare. I'm off to face my nightmare.


Adman said...

I don't like the sound of this at all.

I hope you're ok.


DK said...

Dude, me either.

Send me an email when you can?

Hope things are okay.

Old MD Girl said...

I hope things are ok.... (you're not pregnant, are you?). I look forward to another post when things calm down a bit. I do enjoy your blog.