Thursday, July 5, 2007

Ho. Lee. Lord.

Okay, people. I'm not sure what to write, because I can only think of maybe three people who would want to hear about the stuff I've seen in the past few days. I'm on surgery--plastics, to be exact--and let's just say we aren't just doing breast reductions and tummy tucks (abdominoplasty). I have seen one of each, however, and let me tell you what:
1. Do not ever have a breast reduction, even if your wabambas are the size of two dwarfs clinging to your chest.
2. If Weight Watchers wanted to become really effective, it would make all of its new clients watch a tummy tuck. Ask yourself: do I want that cupcake bad enough to have a whole Office Depot worth of staples in my body?

Anyway, plastics does lots of other things; hand surgeries, facial reconstructions after car accidents, skin grafts for burn patients, debridement of wounds, etc. My thoughts are as follows. First, do not ever get into a car accident. Second, never set yourself on fire. Third, don't get a giant wound.

I don't mean to be flippant; these surgeons are AMAZING, and the work they do is quite often miraculous. But seeing these patients and what they have to go through makes me thankful every second that I am not sick or injured.

Anyway, the hours haven't been awful. Sure, I'm getting up at the crack of dawn, but the patient load has been pretty light so we've been finishing pretty early. Of course, I pass out pretty early, and have been having to do a lot of reading; in fact, all I've done this week is work, drive, shower, study, and sleep. Occasionally, just to mix things up, I eat.

So far, I really like patient care, if I can get past my fear and confusion and frustration and ignorance and constantly being in the way and not knowing what I'm supposed to be doing or when or to whom. It is slowly getting better, though, and I'm definitely pretty excited to go in every morning, despite the fact that even God isn't up yet.

I need to go study, but I will leave you with this thought: did you know cheese slicers aren't just for cheese?


heidi said...

So is it safe to assume that you won't be having a tummy tuck and boob job after a c-section? Because for me, that's still on. Who cares what they stab me with when I'm sleeping?!

The one that freaks me out is the facelift where they pull your face off and squish it up through your hairline. Jeebus. I'd really have to look like an old bag to go in for that.

jmama said...

oh lordy. i'm grossed out already, and i start plastics in a few weeks. we need to chat - i'll trade you gyney squad pointers for plastics pointers... deal? :)